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    December 2010


This project began unknowingly in 1973 when I recorded "Screwed" and "N.Y. Survivor". At the time I was playing In a group called "George Arliss and the All Night Shakers" and Doug Harris was the bass player. We had just finished up 3 years worth of bar and club dates and were about to split up, but before we did, we laid down those two tunes. After that, I moved around alot, from Boston to Woodstock, to Manhattan and finally back to upstate N.Y, where I ran into my old friend and band-mate, Doug, who had just returned from an extended gig in Alaska, and was looking for another Insane project. I had a notebook full of songs and during the winter of 1979 we wrote a few more. In the spring of 1980 we rehearsed briefly with Rob Cenci who had played with Doug during the Alaskan thing and went straight to the studio where we laid down 11 songs In one day. I returned for a few days and added some guitars. It was a shoe-string budget deal and the album was never quite finished. 9 of those songs along with "Screwed" and "N.Y. Survivor" were released as "ON THE LAM" (Randy and The Goats") MP BMI, Cycloid Music 1980-1981. 0nly a few records found their way to the U.S. market, most ended up being exported to Europe and Asia. In 1984 "We came away” and "Stop It” were recorded. Those two songs, together with "Driven Away”(an outtake from the 1980 sessions) and three new tunes recorded in 2009, "Get Lost", "Gate 17" and "Tonight Is Taken" have been added to the song line up of the current "ON THE LAM" release. We are presently working and recording under the name COLD.HARD. Mark Chmielinski aka Randy Would, 2010


from the new Cold.Hard. EP

R Would (vocal, guitar), D Harris (Harmony Vocal, Bass), A Piesczoch (Acoustoc Guitar), R Cenci (Drums)